lørdag 29. januar 2011

My English blog

I've been blogging in Norwegian for a couple of years, but since most of what I read and write on a day to day basis is in English, I'll try to translate a few of my blog entries too. Hopefully I will reach a larger audience when blogging in a world language, Norway, after all, has yet to reach 5 million inhabitants.

My biggest hobby is money. Not because I have so much of it, not because I spend so much of it, but because I  love finding obscure ways of making money!
 For the time being, I have a steady job and income, but that has only been true for the last year. Before that, I had a lot of different jobs, including internet based ones. And I still try to augment our family income from a couple of net based companies. I would like to share my experience in choosing the jobs that give a decent hourly wage, in front of those where you work hours for a few cents.

From time to time I also come across good deals and ways to save money. These I will of course share with you.

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