søndag 11. desember 2011

My first sale at Zazzle

I guess I'm not the only geology geek out there. :)

Only $3.60, still a bit to go before I reach payout at $25, but nice to see that this is a possible sales channel. My Zazzle shop is almost empty, I think I'll try to create some more items. :)

lørdag 1. oktober 2011

My picture in a poptart ad

I've been starting to stumble across more and more of my shots on the net now, especially after google developed it's image search. This one I found after searching for my user name and "shutterstock". I wonder whether it was a regular subscription sale for 25 cents, or an EL for 28 dollars.

onsdag 10. august 2011

Sold a movie today

My first footage sale at Shutterstock, netting $8:


I only have four clips at the time being. Time to go shoot some more!

mandag 6. juni 2011

A shutterstock best seller

I had luck with this picture; it was placed on the front page on Shutterstock when I uploaded it a year ago. This gave it so many downloads that it got a favorable search placement, that it has kept since. In one year it has earned me $35, from 100 downloads.

It sells reasonably well on several of the other microstock sites too, but nowhere near as well as on Shutterstock.

Sleeping child
© Photographer: Gaja | Agency: Dreamstime.com

lørdag 23. april 2011

A fun request from a buyer

Dreamstime has a forum where buyers can make request for pictures they can't find in the database. Sometimes these requests lead to good ideas and fun sessions. Like this one; where the buyer wanted children laughing.

I hope it will get accepted, and that the buyer can use it, otherwise I'll just have to have fun with my kids another day too. Oh, the hardships of being a photographer... :lol:

onsdag 2. mars 2011

My first sale at Alamy

I had a few pictures of a lovely little girl with hearing aid, and didn't want to sell it as RF. So I uploaded them to Alamy. They have had few views, and I didn't expect any sales before I could upload more pictures. But today, as my PicNiche-bar started updating, a sale popped up for Alamy: $71,17 for this picture:

It's going to be used in a textbook somewhere in the world.

The upload process on Alamy is tedious, but if I get more sales like this one, it will be worth it. :)

tirsdag 15. februar 2011

My first EL

This picture got me my first (hopefully not last) Enhanced license from Shutterstock.

Mother and child walking
© Photographer: Gaja | Agency: Dreamstime.com

28 dollars in one go made a nice impact on the total for February. :)